Wemo Automation AB

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    Wemo Automation AB

    Bredastensvägen 12


    +46 370 658500

    The new eDesign robot range is designed for pick and place applications and up to more flexible automation solutions. Robot Range With the wide range of models from the 6-5 eDesign with 4kg handling weight up to the largest 16-5 eDesign with 10 kg, it manages the requirements of machine sizes from 25-650 tonnes. eDesign This range of robots stands for economy,efficiency and energy saving. These are the most important factors for an investment to be competitive in production. Optional Functions It is possible to add the eDesign robot range with several useful options for high flexibility. Wide range of axis extensions, telescopic vertical axis, additional rotation axis and up to 4 vacuum and 4 gripper circuits. Flexibility The robot range is designed with AC servo motors in all three axes for simultaneous movement (3D), ensuring speed and with high precision. This is important for inserting of parts or assembly operations. The planetary gearboxes result in maximum output efficiency.



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